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Complete – Who are we?

Welcome to Complete, Wellington Performance Partners – 6 Customhouse Quay, Wellington.
We are very easy to find, just look for the curved glass wall right on the corner of  Customhouse Quay and Ballance Street, Wellington – right next to Trade Kitchen, across from the Z Petrol Station.

As the name suggests, Complete is a group clinic, a ‘Team’, consisting of:

Brett Bulkeley –Complete Chiropractic
James Panton –Complete Physiotherapy
Joanna Bisphan – Complete Sports Massage

We draw on over 30 years of combined experience in Health Care to provide Wellingtonians with professional assessment of presenting pain, injury or health concerns, and appropriate, evidence based, affordable treatment with due consideration given to initial goals of pain relief and long term solutions aimed at preventing re-injury and improving performance.

Why use Complete?

In our experience people often have a preference for treatment approaches and associated techniques.
Often with an injury a specific type of treatment approach may provide better, faster results. This treatment approach may also vary between individuals, and may also vary at different stages of healing of a specific injury.

At Complete we are able to address these variables by providing a Team of Therapists under one roof who each have their area of expertise and specialty. Are you unsure of what treatment approach to use? Should you see the Physiotherapist? Should you see the Chiropractor or the Massage Therapist? We can help. Email us with questions or concerns and we will email or call to chat about the options open to you.

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At Complete

We can keep you moving so you can enjoy life to the full